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I hired Michel to help us create unique recruiting strategies. He was able to teach us new strategies and shared real world examples that motivated and inspired our team to take our program to the next level.
Joe Marrello
Snr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Electronic Arts (EA)


How creating a People First Culture™ helped me achieve: profitability, 2.5x higher employee retention, 7x higher customer loyalty and 817 online reviews in one year.

What is the People First Culture™?

It’s an honest commitment from leaders to put their employees and customers at the core of their decision-making.

For nearly ten years, I’ve been teaching companies how to leverage customer experience, employee engagement and company culture strategies to grow profitable and admired organizations.


Something we all have in common, whether we’re a small or large company and regardless of industry, is that we’re in the people business. It’s our employees and customers we must serve to grow successful organizations.

This is what I believe in when it comes to building admired companies. First, you invest in systems and processes to enrich the lives of your employees. The outcome is an engaged team that will serve your customers. This will then improve your profitability, sales and brand awareness.

When I started my career, I knew high customer loyalty and retaining high performing employees was vital for a business to succeed.

This being said, I made mistakes in the past that were, well…stupid. I made the mistakes most entrepreneurs and leaders make. Some of these mistakes include: hire quickly because your business needs bodies, train the new hires in a day, and then expect them to deliver amazing customer service.

If this sounds like something you or your company does, I feel you!

As I started to figure things out, I developed a program I now refer to as the People First Culture™. The People First Culture™ has helped my companies achieve: growing revenue, higher profits, 2.5x higher employee retention, 71 Net Promoter Score and recognition as being an admired brand in the very competitive hospitality industry.

The People First Culture™ helps remove the fears and frustrations that most entrepreneurs and leaders struggle with (remember, these were the same struggles I had). Some of the pain points include:

• Having a negative offline/online reputation (i.e. bad Google reviews)
• High employee and customer turnover
• Costly mistakes made by employees
• High customer complaints

My business partners and I have eight figures in profitable revenue, 100+ of happy team members and a strong brand reputation in one of the most competitive industries in the world; the hospitality industry.

The People First Culture™ requires an unwavering commitment that investing in customers and employees is the only way to grow a genuine business, but it’s not rocket science and doesn’t require much capital investment.

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