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3 Customer Experience Stories (From Companies Not Named Starbucks) That Will Inspire Your Company to Deliver Better Customer Service

Disclaimer: I love Starbucks but I recognize that we share Starbucks stories, and companies like theirs, frequently. I wanted to ...
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Why Customers Have A Responsibility To Help Companies Improve Their Customer Service

I believe you and I have a responsibility - that responsibility is to help companies we do business with improve ...
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Talking Company Culture, Entrepreneurship & LinkedIn’s Reach with Swish Goswami

In this interview I sit down with Trufan's founder, Swish Goswami, to talk about how he motivates his team, what ...
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This Empathy Tip Made Me A Better Leader : People-First Mondays

Welcome to another People First Monday. You're going to crush this week. Click the hashtag because I've been creating these short ...
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What Is A People-First Culture? (Fireside Chat With Jayson Gaignard)

Earlier this year, Jayson Gaignard, WeWork and I hosted a fireside chat where Jayson interviewed me about my People-First Culture book. Watch (or read) ...
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What Employees Want You To Tell Them When They Hit Their Goals : People-First Mondays – April 8th, 2019

Hey everyone, another People First Monday video this week. I'm sharing some things that I believe you need to communicate ...
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customer journey mapping workshop

Improve Your Customer Experience With Customer Journey Mapping (Case Study Included)

In all my years of focusing on customer experience management, there is one practice that stands out amongst them all...customer ...
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What Every Young Professional Needs To Hear About Career Growth

Welcome to another people first Monday video. And this week, I'm recommending what I believe people in their 20s should ...
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Brian Scudamore

Brian Scudamore Interview: How To Grow A Business By Focusing On Company Culture

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E brands, to discuss how he went ...
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customer journey mapping

How To Host A Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Today, I'm in Oshawa, Ontario working with Taunton Village Dental to help them improve their customer experience by hosting a ...
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PFmonday march 25

Does It Matter What You Wear To Work? | People-First Mondays : March 25th, 2019

Welcome to another People-First Monday video! This week, I'm asking you does it matter what you wear to work? This conversation was ...
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Improving Your Interview Process Will Ignite Your Customer Experience

Why Improving Your Interview Process Will Ignite Your Customer Experience (3 Proven Tips)

Your company doesn't have a customer experience problem...YOUR COMPANY HAS A HIRING PROBLEM! This is the message that I hammer home ...
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