Customer Service Skills, Strategies, and Mindset For 2020

Before the end of the year, we spend time building our marketing plans, setting our operating budgets and creating strategic ...
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I didn’t finish post-secondary university to earn my business degree (BA) nor do I have an MBA. I don’t believe ...
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Watch this quick video to learn my two GOLDEN RULES on gift-giving. I guarantee you will learn how to WOW ...
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Does Your Manager ENABLE or DISABLE Your Career?

I’d imagine that the person you settled down with in your personal life took the time to get to know ...
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net promoter score

The Value (And Negatives) of Net Promotor Score (NPS)

The GOOD and the BAD of Net Promotor Score (NPS). Across different industries, there are mixed reviews on whether or ...
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You Can’t Forcefully Increase Employee Engagement (BONUS: 3 Interview Questions Included)

Employee engagement strategies are one way that I’ve built my business and career. It’s also one of the topics that ...
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What is the 3P Strategy?

PURPOSE, PROCESS, AND PROFIT. My 3-P strategy was developed to ensure businesses (including my own) are not just successful for ...
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What is People-First Culture?

In this video, I describe my People-First Culture. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my blog to stay up-to-date ...
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How to Earn Customer Loyalty and Maximize Employee Retention With A Unique People-First Culture Strategy

Loyalty is hard to understand and even harder to achieve. For me, I can only think of two brands I’m ...
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MENTORSHIP WITH MICHEL: Disengagement, Purpose, and Self-Fulfillment

Okay, we're good. Cool. So, yeah, I think you know a little bit about me based on the email I ...
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customer service, company culture and authenticity interview

Customer Service, Company Culture and Authenticity With Bob Glazer

I had the pleasure of sitting down with best-selling author, and culture and marketing leader Bob Glazer. We dive into ...
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Effects of Bad Customer Service

The Effects of Bad Customer Service and Why it’s Costing Your Company MILLIONS!

Sometime today or tomorrow you’re going to receive bad customer service from a company that you do business with. It ...
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