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What My Clients Say

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Joseph Morello

(Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition - Electronic Arts)

“I hired Michel to help us create unique recruiting strategies. He was able to teach us new strategies and shared real-world examples that motivated and inspired our team to take our program to the next level.”

Scott Fisher

(CEO, SentriLock)

“Thank you, Michel, for your inspirational presentation. After you left, we went through an exercise to identify short term, long term, cross-departmental and “crazy ass ideas” to put into practice at SentriLock. I expected our team to come up with 20-30 solid ideas and I was blown away as we came up with almost 100!!

We are in the process of prioritizing those now and our team will be getting together on 3/13 to start putting the highest value ones in practice. Should keep us busy for quite some time!

Universal (unsolicited) comments from our team were “best management off-site ever” so I think the subject matter really hit home.

Thanks again for helping inspire our culture and customer experience leadership!”

Anthony Partipilo

(VP, Financial Planning & Reporting - CIBC)

“During his keynote, Michel introduced us to what he refers to as “creating micro customer experiences.” The concept of micro-experiences became a part of the theme of our meeting after Michel’s engagement. Michel’s keynote was well received by our team and I look forward to learning more of his concepts.”

Sample Keynote Titles:

People-First Culture: Build a Business Your Customers, Employees and Community Will Admire

A Customer Obsession: How to Create an Experience Your Customers Have Never Seen Before

Become an Employee Magnet: Attract, Grow and Retain Your Best Team

Next Generation CX: Customer Experience Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Steer Your Career: Take True Ownership of Your Life and Work

Topics I Speak About:

Customer Experience

Customer Service

Employee Engagement

Employee Experience

Company Culture & Team Building

Career Growth & Leadership

Steer Your Career



Michel will have your audience thinking, "We can do that too!!" They will go back to your business with new strategies to implement.


Michel doesn’t have one talk that he uses for all companies. Everything is customized to your challenges and motivations.


Michel will be able to share real-world case studies that will reinforce his message.


Michel has never been called boring.


Michel understands you have a lot to manage. He will not come with diva-like demands. He’s easy going and humble.


If your customers and employees are getting younger and their behaviours are changing then Michel can help.


Michel can relate to your challenges and motivations. After all, he’s building a business just like you!


He will have your audience on the edge of their seats with high engagement and knowledge retention.


Ask Michel about the one-of-a-kind 6-step keynote speaking/workshop process he’s built.


Michel has built an 8-figure business with 150 employees. He can share real-life stories with you.


I don’t just show up to events and give a talk. I have a labour-intensive, value-focused, 5-step process (I will explain this process on our first call) that you will experience that takes a lot of time and energy. This is in place to ensure that you feel that you’ve received a positive ROI.

My presentations are primarily fireside chats that have three elements to them and are 60 minutes in length.

- 20 minute keynote speech.

- 20 minute fireside chat. You will need to have a moderator ask me questions.

- 20 minute audience Q&A.

In nine years of keynote speaking and evaluating audience ratings, I have found that this format provides the most value for companies and the audience.

My pricing depends on several factors such as location, duration, and a couple other elements. My in-person fee starts at $20,000 (+ expenses) and my virtual events start at $5,000. Rarely can I go beneath this pricing threshold as I believe in the value that I can bring your audience. If you’re comfortable with this pricing territory, please contact me by completing the form below.



I don't do consulting but I do advisory.

To contexualize this program for you, consider me like your therapist. I will show you what to do, how to do it and make sure it gets done. You and your team will do the building but I will coach you along the way to make sure it gets done on-time, faster and cheaper. I will work with you to solve your most burning challenges and achieve your greatest opportunities to win over your customers, employees and build your company culture. All of these things will amount to your success and ease the stress of running your business, department and leading your team.

Here's how it works:

  • - Submit your challenges that you need help with. I'll let you know if I feel confident that I can help you.
  • - If so, we determine frequency. How often do you want to speak with me? One time? Weekly? Monthly?
  • - Cost: 1-hour = $900. 30 minutes = $750 15 minutes = $500.
  • - VIP Service - this is a retainer agreement service which includes: 1, 60 minute call/month and Unlimited Q&A with me via the Voxer app. This program is reserved for companies who want regular access to me.
  • - Cost: $2000/month, $5000/three months, $17,500/year

  Please complete the contact form below to learn more.