We are practitioners and operators – we don’t do theory or “pie in the sky” strategy. We will teach you what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, make sure it gets done. Side-by-side and step-by-step, we will guide you and will become your strategic advisors.


Trogon agency is a strategic advisory consulting company that specializes in customer experience and employee engagement. They work closely with their clients to create new strategies and processes that will make their customer and employees more loyal to their brand. Their team of consultants and advisors roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches with each client. They help their clients create a vision, plan the strategy and execute on the plan to achieve long-term success.

Recruitment and Onboarding

You can’t create a world-class customer experience without exceptional HR practices. We build unique recruitment and employee onboarding strategies to attract and immediately identify customer-centric applicants who will contribute to the success of your customer experience.

Training and Development

We believe all training programs should be digital. Our training strategies for frontline employees, managers and executives will influence a greater training experience. To deliver a memorable customer experience your entire company must be aligned with the highest-level customer experience education. We build the training programs that facilitate this.

Employee Recognition

We build unique and affordable recognition programs. These strategies will increase employee morale, retention and productivity. This increase in employee engagement will lead to a more energized and engaged workforce that will consistently deliver a great customer experience.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

We work with companies to build customer survey programs (using Net Promoter Score), host customer journey mapping workshops, develop mystery shopping strategies and establish customer advisory boards. After completing these initiatives, your company will be able to leverage customer data to acquire and retain more customers.

Digital Consumer Experiences

By adding digital experiences, and removing rudimentary ones, we will work with you to overcome any ‘pain points’ your customers are experiencing. By doing so, we will ensure that your customers encounter an effortless customer experience. Engagements can include mobile customer experiences and social customer care strategies.

Customer Experience Evaluation

Our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your customer experience across all channels. By evaluating your current efforts and strategies, we will be able to tell you how to maximize your strengths and identify areas for improvement. All evaluations include a blueprint outlining how you can ensure your customer experience becomes a core strength of your business.


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