What Every Young Professional Needs To Hear About Career Growth

Welcome to another people first Monday video. And this week, I’m recommending what I believe people in their 20s should be focused on to grow their career.

And my number one recommendation is to become more curious.

Let’s say you work within an organization that has the typical departments; marketing, finance, PR and many others. What you should be doing is allocating time every single week to connect with someone within each department and learn about the inner workings of their efforts.

For example, reach out to the marketing leader, ask them to describe their social media marketing efforts. Ask questions like, how do you define success in your department? Go to finance and ask your finance leader to teach you how to read a balance sheet and a P and L. And go to every single department, make that a habit. Be more curious.

But you must also be curious about your own performance.

Regularly reach out to your manager and have them evaluate you. Don’t wait for your yearly performance review. Take the initiative, be more curious. Listen to podcasts, read books, connect to people on LinkedIn and ask them questions so that you can take that information from experienced people and apply it within your own career.

That is my recommendation, be more curious.