“I hired Michel to help us create unique recruiting strategies. He was able to teach us new strategies and shared real-world examples that motivated and inspired our team to take our program to the next level.”

Joseph Morello (Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition - Electronic Arts)

“Michel has proven that he can add value across industries in a short amount of time. His strategic partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina is extremely important and valuable to us.”

Robert GoFourth (VP, Operations Strategy and Performance - BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina)

“Michel was a part of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for years… so I speak from a perspective of not just having read a book – but from a perspective of getting to know Michel over the years and experiencing his passion for culture and people first hand! Michel made a great impact on our company and I hope he can make an impact on you too, through his new book!”

Brian Scudamore (Founder - 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and O2E)

“During his keynote, Michel introduced us to what he refers to as “creating micro customer experiences.” The concept of micro-experiences became a part of the theme of our meeting after Michel’s engagement. Michel’s keynote was well received by our team and I look forward to learning more of his concepts.”

Anthony Partipilo (VP, Financial Planning & Reporting - CIBC)

“Thank you, Michel, for your inspirational presentation.  After you left, we went through an exercise to identify short term, long term, cross-departmental and “crazy ass ideas” to put into practice at SentriLock.  I expected our team to come up with 20-30 solid ideas and I was blown away as we came up with almost 100!!

We are in the process of prioritizing those now and our team will be getting together on 3/13 to start putting the highest value ones in practice.  Should keep us busy for quite some time!

Universal (unsolicited) comments from our team were “best management off-site ever” so I think the subject matter really hit home.

Thanks again for helping inspire our culture and customer experience leadership!”

Scott Fisher (CEO, SentriLock)

“Our company was searching for a keynote speaker for our company’s yearly meeting in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida. As one would do, I went searching on Google to find someone great. I came across Michel’s profile, visited his website and watched some of his videos on YouTube. After speaking to a few other options I asked Michel to join our event and I’m so happy I did.

From the very beginning, he spent time with us understanding our industry, asked about our motivations and listened when we discussed our challenges. His People-First Culture presentation really spoke to our audience and the feedback has been tremendous! Hire Michel if you’re in the market for a speaker who is entertaining, educational and professional!”

Theresa Peterson (Vice President, Human Resources, Dekko)

“I hired Michel to speak at our company conference in Austin, Texas. Michel is one of those professionals who is able to engage an audience through his storytelling ability and operational experience. His People-First Culture keynote kept the audience’s attention because he doesn’t discuss theory. His strategies are tried, tested and true which our team appreciated. Hire Michel for your event if you’re looking for someone that will give you value before, during and after your event!”

Mimi Naghshineh (COO, Gym Launch Secrets)

“With extreme confidence in his ability to over deliver, I invited Michel to speak at one of our first COO Alliance events. He delivered his People-First Culture message to dozens of executives ranging in size of businesses and representing many different industries. As I suspected he would, Michel absolutely exceeded our expectations and had the audience wanting more education from him. You MUST have Michel share his People-First Culture message at your event…your team will thank you. We’re still talking about his impact.”

Cameron Herold (Founder, COO Alliance - Former COO 1-800-GOT-JUNK?)

“I first heard Michel speak at an ICSA event and contacted him shortly after to conduct training at our company so he could deliver his People-First Culture philosophy. I knew his message would be a great resource for my customer support team as we focus on operational excellence and owning the customer experience in 2019.

Michel created a 5 step customized presentation for our company that really resonated with our employees.  Not only did he deliver two great presentations, but he also took the time to visit our office the day before to meet the team and listen to customer calls. The feedback has been incredible, and we implemented a micro experience program the following week!

You can contact Michel to learn about his message and how he can inspire your team to deliver great experiences to customers and each other as team members.”

Melissa Rogers (Customer Operations Manager, Dot Loop)

“I hired Michel for my dental services operations to advise me and my team on customer experience, company culture, and employee engagement strategies to take us to the next level.  It was very impressive how quickly he was able to learn about the industry without prior experience! Solid systems were immediately developed and implemented and monitored to massively improve the experience for both customers and employees.  Huge results in our bottom within months was all the proof I needed that Michel knows what he is doing. When you work with Michel he immediately starts building your business like it’s his own!”

Steve Mascarin (Founder - Taunton Village Dental)

“So many books in the marketplace are based on theories that have never truly been tested on the battlefield of business. I don’t know about you, but the last thing you want to do is invest your time and resources trying to figure out if something that works in “principle” will actually work in practice. With that said, Michel Falcon has worked closely with several big brands over the years (many who’ve been rated “best places to work”), and two years ago put his money where his mouth is and scaled a company to 8 figures in the first year by leveraging many of the principles outlined in this book.”

Jayson Gaignard (Founder, Mastermind Talks)

“Our company was searching for a keynote speaker that could speak on customer experience for our annual event in Fort Worth, Texas. We reviewed a few speakers and selected Michel to join us. Leading up to the event, Michel worked with us for months to create a customized presentation for our company. His People-First Culture was a hit and motivated us to go back to our offices to build an even stronger business to serve our employees, customers, and shareholders. One of our favorite parts of his presentation was when Michel described the systems and processes he’s leveraging in hospitality to create next-level experiences for customers and employees.”

Ed Brice (VP, Marketing Vendavo)

“I’ve built a company that Entrepreneur Magazine named the #1 Company Culture in America. The fact is most people talking about company culture don’t know what they are talking about. They’re “thought leaders” and not actual practitioners. Michel is the opposite–he’s built a company with hundreds of employees using all the tactics in his book. When Michel talks about company culture, I listen and I use his ideas–because they actually work.”

Tucker Max (Founder, Scribe Media)

“If you’re wanting to learn about customer experience, employee engagement, and company culture, there are many people you can speak to. However, how many of them have actually built a business with stories of success and failure to share? Michel is a professional who practices what he preaches, has built an admired company and is a true operator. I encourage you to hire Michel to speak at your event, consult him as an advisor or, at the very least, purchase a copy of his book. He will make your company stronger!”

Sunny Verma (CEO, TutorBright)

“I’ve successfully grossed over $100,000,000 in the hospitality industry in New York City so I intimately understand how challenging managing customers and employees can be. I’m happy I was introduced to Michel’s People-First Culture message as it’s served an a paradigm shift in how we are building our company by putting people-first!”

Brian Mazza (Co-Founder - Paige Hospitality)

“Michel is an inspirational leader who is a true practitioner of the People-First Culture. Nothing matters more than making people feel like they matter and Michel has a practical guide on how to do it. His philosophies have made a huge impact on our company and need to be implemented by every company.” 

Jesse Cole (Founder - Fans First Entertainment)

“Any company, in any industry, would be more than fortunate to include Michel within their customer experience management efforts.”

Patrick Louis (Senior Director, Customer Experience - Canada Goose)

“Michel is the go-to authority for all things related to customer, employees, and culture. He has a unique ability to look at an industry with a fresh perspective and drive positive change. I’ve watched him impact businesses of all sizes for a decade.”

Scott Farmer (Systems Director - Mercy Health)