3 Employee Engagement Training Strategies


In this video I’m going to share three employee engagement training strategies that I use in my business. I know that they work so I’m confident that they’re going to work for you too.

If you prefer to read over watching my video, check out the transcript below!

The first is how your employee onboarding strategy has been built out.

A lot of companies don’t have an employee onboarding strategy and it is the best opportunity to be able to increase employee engagement on day one of the employee’s tenure with the company.

Use this opportunity not just to train your new team member but to engage them into your people first culture.

The second employee engagement strategy is something that I call breakfast and jam.

It’s when I will meet with a team member on a weekly basis where we have breakfast together and we talk about what ever they want to talk about.

One thing I ask them is, are you looking for advice or you’re looking for someone to listen because that is the role that I will play as the host of our breakfast and jam sessions.

Now you can call your sessions whatever you want, but my greatest recommendation is ensure that it happens on a weekly basis.

That way you always have your finger on the pulse and you’re always reinforcing how important employee engagement is to your company.

The third employee engagement strategy is employee intelligence and gifting.

When you meet with your team members and you learn something about them, document that intelligence. So let’s say you’re meeting with Samantha. You’re high performing salesperson.

If she happens to tell you that she grew up in Philadelphia and was a huge Allen Iverson Fan, make note of that and within your operating budget, I allow yourself to be able to purchase something like signed Allen Iverson shoes.

Imagine what that would do to her engagement and her performance, which would serve the company in a positive way.

Now, I’m not recommending that the budget has to be huge, but make it something. Maybe it’s a $20 gift or maybe you can afford something a bit more than that.

Whatever it is, take the employee intelligence and do some gifting and watch your employee engagement skyrocket.

There you have it! Those are my three employee engagement training strategies.

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